1,200 rolls of 1950's film to process

While I'm sure it would be would be very interesting, fortunately it's not me that has to process the film, but the Rescued Film Project. The Rescued Film Project is dedicated to rescuing, processing and online-archiving old rolls of film that never made it to the processing lab.

Last year they had a donation of 1,200 rolls of film, all shot in the 1950s by the same photographer. And, to make them even more interesting, the photographer went to great trouble to note the contents of each film and date them, before packaging them up in cigar boxes, protected with multiple layers of newspaper, aluminium foil and athletic tape.

As you might imagine, developing the photos is going to cost money, so the Project has launched an appeal for funds. You can find the appeal, and more details of the find, on Indiegogo. I'm sure they'd appreciate your support.

And, should you come across any old rolls of undeveloped film, don't through them out! The Rescued Film Project may well accept them; although they are based in the USA, they accept film from anywhere in the World.